The Botch Pit started out humble enough; a gaming troupe comprised of veteran roleplayers as well as those new to the hobby. However, it's grown into something much more than that; it's become a collective of gamers from varying walks of life all-too passionate about tabletop roleplaying.

Where once the group seemed content just playing games, we've decided that while that is the core of what we do, that's not where we want it to end. We want to be a resource for everyone out there that loves leading adventures in ficticious worlds. While we'll document our own stories and world-building on here for the world to see, you may consider us a resource. We'll be recording gaming tips, tutorials, background on game lines as well as the developers behind them, the campaign settings... the works.

We're a team that's going to bring you the newest information out there. A team dedicated to showing how even in the worst games you can find a way to have a blast. A team dedicated to showing you, most importantly, how the best games can bring you a sense of camaraderie and tie friends close a way few things can. After all, crafting memories and experiences is what it's all about.

So, come for the news and informative articles; we have well over forty years Storytelling/Dungeon Mastering/Game Mastering experience between us. Stay for the humor and compelling storylines; they're woven among the entire Chronicles of Darkness game lines, and the twists even catch the storyteller off-guard.

We have a really good time doing what we do, and we're sure you're going to enjoy what we bring.... to the table. See that? Puns. PUNS. We've got it all.

Thanks for reading, and never stop rolling.


Here lie the (yet) untold tales from Lenny's favorite brake fluid soaked couch.
We don't cosplay, but we are entertaining.







In your deepest, darkest moments, you can count on your friends to be there to take photos of you suffering.
Some friends even go the extra mile of retouching those moments.

Chris Dyer (Storyteller)

Discord: Anakon

Primary Characters:
Odra (Mage: The Awakening)
Trevor (Geist: The Sin-Eaters)

Greg 'Lenny' Leonard

Discord: OxMxExGxA

Current Character:
Steven (Werewolf: The Forsaken)

Brad Wall

Discord: UmbrellaCorp267

Current Character:
Devin (Geist: The Sin-Eaters)

Nicholas Svizzero

Discord: nasvizzero

Current Character:
Val Fox (Hunter: The Vigil)

Jill Kamperides

Discord: Rudyeie

Current Character:
To Be Determined

The Botch Box

Botch Pit Communications AI



Current Character:


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