New England By Night | Season 1 | Session 02: I Am Not A Smart Woman [Transcript]

Characters: Devin (Brad) [Human], Vivian (Vampire) [Human], Steven (Lenny) [Human]

Scene opens at the club house. Vivian is visibly shocked and disgusted at having been fooled by her sire  who has robbed her of her beauty. Her sire taking great pleasure in teasing her over her transformation. A newer gang initiate is lead into the room and Viv cannot control her new hunger drains the initiate of blood. Steven is in the open area of the Club house and Devin is on his way back after seeing his manager/father figure disfigured corpse. The uncomfortable scene in the club house is thrown into chaos quickly as part of the wall explodes sending bits of wooden shrapnel is sent flying into the open area. Part of the wall in the room Viv and her sire are in is caught in the blast. Devin and driver (maybe Pikey) hear the explosion in the woods and pick up pace.

Bikers pile out into the night to look for the assailant, Steven retrieves his weapons from the trash can the gang put his and Devin’s weapons in and moves outside to assist. Using the confusion to his advantage Vivian’s sire decided to give Viv a face lift with a car buffer mounted with a metal scratch pad, further destroying any of the looks she once had and emphasizing the need to keep her new lifestyle a secret. With her face destroyed her head is wrapped up in excessive amounts of bandages.

No assailant was found and Steven is brought back into the club house and the leaders begin discussing a change of plans. Devin arrives to see the destruction of the wall and the bikers on patrol then is lead back into the club house. Once inside Viv’s sire comes out of the room with VIv in toe, her head completely covered in bandages, and he explains that part of the ceiling fell on her face and he took care of her. The leaders finish talking amongst themselves. They feel they might have caused some issues with the adjacent city being so close and they need to send in some newer blood to sneak into the city to gather information as they cannot go themselves as they are too easily identified. Devin believing the cause of Sullivan’s death was from the gang in the city agrees and Steven agrees with his options being very limited. They will have the group move out the following evening. Devin is escorted home where he tries to blow off his anger and depression, Steven is brought to a local motel and Vivian is shoved in an oil drum.

The next evening the  group will be heading into the city with a few newer members Pikey, Fodder(??? Name. He’ll last long) and Sharkbait (Bru-Ha-Ha). Devin and Steven both receive a gang cut and are lead outside by Pikey and Fodder. Sharkbait (Bru-Ha-Ha) is approached by Viv’s sire and is told to take his new child with them and to keep an eye on her. The group takes off for the city. On the way in Sharkbait (Bru-Ha-Ha) informs the group that the gang they are dealing with have a portion of the law enforcement on their payroll and they have watch on who enters and leave the city. They will need a distraction to sneak in (where could this go wrong?)

What could be the quickest means to gather a lot of attention in the dead of night? An explosion of course. At the sound of such an idea Pikey’s ears perk up and offers to gladly assist. The group drives up to a late night gas station to fuel up for the last part of the trip, Steven goes inside to pay for the gas and Pikey sneaks out of the van for a few moments and re-enters the car. As the car pulls away Pikey pulls a little device out and presses the button. Not too far behind them the gas station they were at explodes, sending fire and debris into the air. Pikey jovially enjoys the destruction he caused. Sharkbait (Bru-Ha-Ha) pulls the van over, angered at the sudden scene yells at Pikey for being to brash from the road. Suddenly Sharkbait(Bru-Ha-Ha) gets struck by a fleeing truck splattering him across the road. With the sound of quickly approaching police sirens the group is forced to leave Sharkbait’s body as they take off for the city. (Goodnight sweet prince)

Upon entering the city the group needs to hide their weapons. Steven and Pikey split off with the bag of guns to find a place to hide the weapons while Fodder, Devin and Vivian leave to lose the van. Pikey and Steven make there way through some backyards and alleyways to a small park area with a decent tree to use as a marker to find the bag later. Pikey takes a marked Mini-Uzi and puts it on his back  Steven notices a strange figure perched on top of a telephone pole watching them only to look back and the figure has disappeared. As the two leave they are approached from behind by someone who tells them that they have been watched well before their stunt at the gas station and commands they follow peacefully and no one in the van will be harmed*

*Fodder, Devin and Vivian ditch the van in a parking garage basement. They take the old elevator up from the basement which takes them into a small room full of people who are all armed.* They are all made to take a seat on some chairs and are restrained. One of the men approaches and asks what their business is in the city. Vivian, being of sound mind and body, botches hard. Inhaled and let’s all the events of the last few days come to mind. Beginning her rant with the most important point that she is in fact not a smart woman spills all the beans on all of the plans and every event that so as slighted her in the past 2 days. (Nice) Devin and Fodder look on in astonishment and anger.

Shortly after Vivians mental break Steven and Pikey are led into the room as well, patted down for weapons and are made to stand near their group. The man who broke Vivian begins questioning why they even need to keep them around anymore as they have obtained all the info they need. Fodder speaks up to tell them that the actual reason for their arrival is all the people he had with him are a peace offering to get back on good terms with Charlemagne for their portion of territory. The men laugh as they gun down Fodder (what a surprise). Vivian has another breakdown. This time use her vampiric power to induce fear in the room as she kicks and thrashes about in her restraints. Pikey takes advantage of the confusion and draws the Mini-Uzi and unloads on the room full of unsuspecting people. The gun is loaded with phosphorus rounds that tear through the human looking monsters in the room, leaving them dead and smoldering on the ground.

Pikey cuts Devin loose and puts a phosphorus round into the head of Fodder to make sure he stays dead. In his confusion of what just happened Devin tries to piece together what happened to have Pikey put it in layman’s terms of they were double crossed. He threatens Vivian by sticking the gun in her face and making it abundantly clear he doesn’t like people who will double cross him before cutting her loose. Vivian back on to her ways has realized she can’t be seen as hideous as she has become finds one of the men with the most perfect long locks of hair, scalps the man and secures her new scalp to head with zip-ties to have that nice nature look. The rest of the group picks up the pistols the men were armed with, grab some money cases  and silently agree to always keep an eye on Viv.

The group piles into one of the more expensive vehicles in the garage with the weapons, money and Vivian and drive off to leave the city.