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Character Name: Trevor Morris
Classifications: Geist: The Sin-Eaters, The Vengeful, The Key of Stillness

Known Background:

Trevor was typically a “C” student, and he was perfectly content that way. It was never for lack of intelligence… no, not hardly. He was extremely bright, but why try for “A”s when there was reading to do? He had a bare-minimum job, mostly coddled by his highly-successful wife, Alicia. She was a member of Federal Law Enforcement, highly skilled in forensics and human studies. The only thing Trevor really had going for him was the fact that he could hear the dead once in awhile, but he couldn’t confirm that. Trevor thought it was more than likely just that little inner voice everyone has that just won’t shut up.

All was well and good until one night Trevor woke up to a large form standing over his head, adorned with what seemed like a large black apron and a welders mask. Before he even had a chance to scream he was knocked out cold, a large gloved fist that was holding a wrench catching him against the jaw.

When he awoke he was bound to a chair; ironically, it would not be the last time he was bound this encounter. Alicia was also there, bound similarly to what seemed like a makeshift throne adjacent him. It came to Trevor slowly… this was the man Alicia had been after since she had landed her career. He was called “the Engineer”, and this was an extremely bad scenario. He was a serial killer, known for always having two victims… and no survivors.

“As we discussed, Mrs. Morris… I’m giving you an opportunity to walk out of here, to continue your aggressive pursuit of me. Time does no normally permit me such luxuries, but as you are more often than not the person forever chasing my shadow, I feel a need to indulge in this exciting situation. As you are aware, should you escape, the game continues, spiraling and spiraling, moving in circles and patterns… it’s always in patterns, you see.”

He was circling her, sparing not a moment’s attention to Trevor. The young man was throwing himself against his bindings, but to no avail. Trevor could not help but to begin sobbing with fear, not just for himself, but even moreso for Alicia, who was obviously the target. Her teeth were gritted together in frustration, her normally perfect blonde hair mottled with specks of red… blood. Was it hers? Oh-so-many reasons for the portly husband to get embroiled in panic.


The Engineer turned to him just for a moment to let out a dark chuckle, then turning back to the obviously more formidable spouse. She knew better than to waste the energy trying to escape the bindings, instead bringing her eyes to meet the mask.

“What happens when I pull the lever?”

Another dark chuckle.

“Well, Mrs. Morris…. one of you will die. Either you’ll be free to continue your pursuit of me… now unbridled… or the lucky coward carries on his own pattern of mediocrity. There is another choice, as I feel…. daring. If you do not pull the lever, nothing at all will happen. Yet you do not know where you are, you can not escape your bindings, and nobody is ever likely to find you. Regardless… I now take my leave. Thank you for hearing me out, and I apologize your “better” half was unconscious to hear any of the sordid details; I doubt he has the stomach regardless. Good luck. See you soon… or not.”

With that the Engineer was up and out the stairs leading out of whatever bunker they were in. All was silent for time… maybe minutes, perhaps hours. Then the questions. The crying. More questions and crying. This went on for days, now… time without water stretching itself to feel like lifetimes.

Then one last discussion.

“Trevor… love of my life… I need to pull this lever before it’s too late. I can find him… or release you. Either way, this is a win we need to have. If I don’t, we both die anyways. This buys us a chance. Please understand…. oh God help me if I’m wrong…”

Trevor went to beg her, plead with her one more time to NOT pull that lever. Help HAD to be coming. They’d find another way! All of these pointless and futile arguments… but Alicia knew the choice had to be made. If she died, Trevor was free. If Trevor died, maybe she could get help in time, or at least find the bastard and make him pay… but if she did nothing, they were both dead.

She pulled the lever and her “throne” shifted, snapping backwards and into a pipe that had been hidden behind the apparatus where neither of them could see. The hollow metal shot through her spine and out of her stomach so quickly that it was within both of their view before her body could register the pain. The screaming began then, as did the bleeding… but not quickly. No, the pipe was placed well… where it could do the most damage with the least amount of bleeding. Trevor was screaming as well, but not as loud as Alicia.

At the end of it, it wasn’t like the movies… she screamed until the end. She didn’t choke out one last “I love you!”, or smile as a goodbye…. the tears and screaming lasted for as long as she did, leaving Trevor devastated… and alone to die.

Time passed, and eventually, so did Trevor.

But it was not the end.

As he died from the dehydration and starvation, Trevor wondered if there was going to be some sort of peace… but there wasn’t. He was afloat, weightless…. and no longer alone. The thing approached him, drifting more than walking, his toes only barely scraping the floor. It’s arms were unnaturally wide, and it had an opened and hollow abdomen where his stomach should be. Dragging out of said cavity were it’s intestines, and perhaps some other internal organs. As it got closer, Trevor could see it’s face… it’s faced was composed of three gears, one where it’s mouth should be and two for it’s eyes. As the gears churned it was picking up it’s own meat dragging behind it and shoving it into the spinning gears, the meat grinding up in the metal and dropping down into that empty hole of his, only to drop back through… and repeat.

It got into Trevor’s face and spoke… to mortal ears it would sound as a sharpy, tinny metallic squeaking… but Trevor could also hear it in his head.

“You failed, and the girl is gone… but there was little you could do, fleshling. Come with me… place yourself once more among the quick, take me with you… help me…. and I will help you to bring Hell to the monster that brought you to Hell first.”

With this the creature held something out… it was a pipe. The pipe that had been embedded in his wife’s body. It only took Trevor a second to reach out and grasp it, hefting the weight… and he turned to the thing before him and nodded.

“Going forward, we are one…. both Trevor Morris… and Ravenous Jack. I must warn you… this will not be pleasant. I can not stop death, nothing can… I can only keep it at bay. Which means that until your people… your former people, the Quick… find you… you will exist in a state of starvation and hunger. We will get to know one another well….”

It took another week from Trevor’s agreement with Jack for the authorities to find Alicia’s body and Trevor. They brought him in, called it a “miracle” he survived… and he kept the truth to himself so as to not seem a madman. When the media commotion died down, that’s when the studying began. With his priorly neglected intellect and through contacts he had made with Alicia before her passing, he went to college… got a degree in forensics… joined the National Guard…. and within three years he managed to place himself within the bureau as one of the most promising up and comers out there. He took this time to learn not just from them, but from Jack… assisting the Dead where he could. Finding their murderers and bringing them to justice. Finding their loved ones and finding ways to help them. He spoke for those without a voice… found other hunters of the supernatural and worked with them, training where he could…

All to remain on the trail of the Engineer…. which is where the Chronicle began. To see what has happened since, catch up with the Chronicle ledger as it goes up. Thanks for reading!

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