Onyx Path GenCon 2018-2019 Release PDF unveiled!

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It’s an exciting time to be a Chronicles of Darkness player.

Hot off the trail of their very successful KickStarter project for Geist: the Sin-Eaters Second Edition, OPP has shown their release schedule for the rest of this year and into 2019. Now, this would already be cool news…. but it’s the titles they’re showing off that are exceptional. For the record, some of these were expected, but some of these are quite out of left field. Let’s go on a page-by-page of the Chronicles of Darkness section of OPP’s release schedule!

Alright, so I’m not the biggest fan of playing in alternate timelines, but the other two chunks interest me greatly. Innocents is an underrated gem in the Chronicles of Darkness, mostly detailing how to present children player characters in the setting. While not 100% needed to play, it adds neat quirks to the game, and I’m happy to see it’s getting a second edition.

And the Contagion Chronicle has been hyped for some time, and where I play what is known as a “zoo” chronicle (meaning all different types of supernaturals), this is a need-to-get for me. It gives other seeds and ideas as to what may force all the different denizens of the Chronicles of Darkness to collaborate. It looks really cool.

Vampire: the Requiem Second Edition getting a book that seems to be a combined players guide and Storyteller guide? Sign me up. And it’s always great to see more Night Horror books, even though I’ve yet to dig into one. Never bad to have more details on enemies.

Nothing to see here, sadly. Let’s move on.

You know, I went and picked up Mummy a few months ago… of course we’re getting a Second Edition now! All joking aside, I’m really pumped whenever I see Second Editions coming around, as the rules are always a bit more streamlined and they can really focus on the lore. Yet with Geist, Deviant, and the upcoming Hunter: the Vigil Second Edition coming up, I’m a bit surprised to see this already creeping it’s way out there.

Changeling: the Lost Second Edition and Geist: the Sin-Eaters Second Edition. Pointing out that the games are both upcoming; I’ll point out that backers of Changeling already got their PDF’s…. and it’s tight as Hell. And Geist, well, you know how we feel about that over here in The Pit.

Here come the things we want to talk about! Hunter: the Vigil Second Edition! It is coming soon (soon being relative, I’m sure), and even more importantly following many of the trends of the Second Editions it comes with a chronicle within called the Slasher Chronicle. I’ll point out that Slasher was one of the lines most popular supplements for the line, and including this is huge. New Compacts and Conspiracies? Yes, please. Can’t wait.

Deviant: the Renegades. Their next Core line, coming soon to KickStarter. Riding on the popularity of Stranger Things, you too can play as Eleven in the Chronicles of Darkness! Kidding (mostly), but that seems to be the general idea behind this game. Survivors of experimentation from any number of sources, these renegades must band together against those that would seek to bring them back for further experimentation, or take to the offensive themselves and bring ruin to those that had tortured them.

Annnnd another Night Horrors book for Promethean: the Created Second Edition. Why not? Cool line.

With that said, the rest of the Chronicles of Darkness pages cover “Available Now” titles, but what do you think? I’m frothing at the mouth for Hunter: the Vigil Second Edition and curious about Deviant. Once again, Mummy is out of left field, but I’ll definitely pick that up when it’s available. Also, a friend of ours says that there are some so-far unannounced surprises waiting for the fans at GenCon, so… lets see what happens!

Thoughts? Share them with us, we’d love to know how you feel about the upcoming releases.

Thanks for reading!

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