Character Archive: Odra

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Character Name: Odra
Classifications: Mage, Mysterium Mastigos

Known Background:

Brian Winters hasn’t always had the most stellar run in life; at the age of fourteen his parents were in a car accident that claimed both of their lives. Young Brian had stayed home that day, and he was spared. The only member of his family that could take him in was his Great Uncle Berum, a recluse that was a long-shot against placing Brian into an all-too unforgiving youth adoption program… and at fourteen, he knew he was likely to age out, and what then?

So, Brian moved in with his strange Uncle… where he was home-schooled and forced to strange works, such as translating bizarre texts and the like. Then one night Odra had a dream; a dream where he was fleeing the burning, animated corpses of his parents through a smelted junkyard labyrinth. With smoke burning in his lungs, he climbed atop a malformed crane made of bone and cartilage, screaming and pleading for his parents to leave him alone.

However, when he took a moment to look…. REALLY look at them… he saw they weren’t clamoring after him with some manner of undead hunger, it shook him. They weren’t angry… they were sobbing, begging him to come down… and embrace them. Eyes wet with tears, he climbed down, and fell into the arms of his parents.

As his forearms first met their sizzling cadavers, he hissed out in pain.. but pressed forward. What he did not know was that he was signing his name onto the Watchtower of Pandemonium, of the Path Mastigos… and his world was changed by his parents once more.

He woke with new eyes, and the child known as Brian Winters was no more. Stripped of his ignorance, he began to see his Uncle for what he really was; also one of his kind, but he was using Brian… now named Odra, a handle comprised of a few of the deitys from works Berum had had him translate… to translate and copy forbidden works.

Despite Berum’s craftiness, Odra saw through what his Uncle had been doing… and though even a day ago Odra did not know they existed, suddenly Odra found himself on trial among the Council of Boston. Crafty as he was, Berum was quickly outded… how could a newly Awakened get ahold of so many criminal works? With an angry howl Berum lashed out at Odra, but the young Mage was instinctually defensive, and quite the natural with his Arcana. A flaying energy of red and black screamed out from the boy, and within moments, Berum was quite dead.

By default, with no living relatives, everything that had been Berum’s passed down to the newly Awakened. He was approached by the Mysterium, the naturally inquisitive smelling their own, and he quickly accepted. Not only was he quickly brought on board, but he was introduced to a member of a Legacy titled “Those of the Darker Path”; they acted as Ambassadors and Peace-keepers among some of the nastier denizens of the Underworld, and it was a dangerous role… but with great reward.

Odra took well to his new positions, especially having been handed a rather large Sanctum… with a rather large library… deep in the heart of Boston.

Since then, he has come a long way…. fallen, risen, fallen again, risen again… a sarcastic charlatan who means well, but certainly drops the ball here and there, and often accidentally ends up in the role of leader in terrible situations… many that he ironically accidentally creates.

Most recently he has come off being in a bad way. His Vampire girlfriend was staked and abducted by the newest Prince of the City, a Vampire that after hundred of years had finally kicked the Mages out of Boston. Using that as leverage the Prince blood-bonded the Mage, and also got him hooked on some rather… unpleasant product. Her intent? Use him as a bloodhound to out any remaining Mages in the city and have her own magical pet.

It was not a wise decision on her part; with a little help from some new friends he worked his way around, finding out where his girlfriend was… rescuing her and fleeing out of the city. He quickly forced himself to break both bad habits, the blood and the needle, and came back from that dark place with both hope and the need for revenge in his heart.

Yet again, this was not to be; a new force has shown up in the city… killing the Prince, the remaining Mage Council, and even the leader of a force for the new Inquisition that had come into Boston. This force was named “Erlein”, and Odra… being the “warrior” he was… knew it was time to make a stand.

Just kidding. He packed his shit up and ran, knowing he was massively outclassed, and also knowing he needed time to plan. And that’s where things stand with Odra; in the wind, and doing what he has always been best at. Plotting… and waiting.