New England By Night | Season 1 | Session 01: I’m Not Making Anyone A Supernatural Yet [Transcript]

Characters: Devin (Brad) [Human], Vivian (Nick) [Human], Steven (Greg) [Human]

Open with Vivian at the mall. Runs into a handsome man, Vivian’s type (Rich and affluent appearing)

Little flirting ensues. Man decides to humor her and take her out for the morning but needs to make a quick stop before breakfast.

Devin is inside Sully’s Auto Shop working on a car when Sullivan in a hurry approaches Devin telling him to drop what he’s doing and quickly buff out a car for a customer that will be arriving soon.

Before Devin could begin the customer shows up with a woman (Vivian) in tow. The man gives Sullivan some grief for not having his car finished and Devin sticks his neck in angered by the man’s disrespect. The man composes himself, speaks down to Devin will Sullivan keep’s Devin in check and leaves with the woman.

The man and Vivian go and have breakfast. During breakfast the man gives Vivian a necklace. They pass the time till when Sullivan promised the job would be complete

Back at the auto shop, Steven pulls up in his truck due to engine issues. Approaches Sullivan to get his truck repaired, Devin finishes buffing the car and is given the job of working on the truck. The Man and Vivian arrives and start causing static. Speaks down to Sullivan and infuriates Devin and Sullivan is sent off to his office to fetch his keys.

In the distance is the sound of several motorcycles approaching. Devin notices the men approaching are members of a local biker gang and they are armed. Devin yells for everyone to get down and runs to close the garage shutters. The gang does a drive by riddling the building,

Interior: bullets tear through the thin shutter and ends up killing Tons-of-Fun (Saddest Death) in front of Devin. The motorcycles double back and fire more rounds outside.

The shutter is lifted up by one of the bikers with one hand and destroys the side he lifted. Everyone inside see the man in the suit torn to ribbons lying on the ground. He was the real target. Upon looking inside the biker noticed Devin and the other workers trying to plug the wounds on Tons-of-Fun. He apologizes for the incidental death and hands over a business card with a symbol on it. Devin feels personally responsible for  the death of Tons-of-Fun.

Sullivan takes the business card, heads to his office to make some calls and dismissed Devin for the day. Vivian slips off to poke through, her now dead, date’s car that is still inside the shop. Finds a pistol in the glove box and pops open the trunk. Devin in a fit of rage grabs a metal pipe and begins wailing on the car with Vivian still inside, caring very little as windows are smashed in and the frame is beat up. Vivian yells for Devin to stop and calls him psychotic destroying the fancy car she was trying to “inherit”.  When Devin calms down Vivian exits the vehicle sneering at Devin and moves to take a peek in the trunk. To her surprise which calls over Steven the trunk is loaded with a sizable collection of weapons, the cases which were marked with a strange symbol. The discovery leaving the group confused as to who exactly the dead man out front was.

The group of witnesses (Devin, Vivian and Steven) are rounded up by another member of the biker gang with a thick Irish accent named Pikey. Steven grabs his bags from his truck and they drive off to a small motel with the gang members. They are told they will be taken the club house later in the evening to speak to the gang about the incident and to get some rest. Vivian heads to bed, Steven and Devin stay up and talk for a bit, Devin still unable to cope doesn’t end up resting.

Evening rolls around. Pikey, Steven and Vivian wake up. Devin hasn’t been able to sleep and is exhausted. The group is driven to a small bar off the beaten path into a wooded area. Vivian remains in the car with Steven’s bag as Pikey leads Steven and Devin inside. At the door Devin and Steven are disarmed of any weapons they might have. Steven and Devin are brought to the meet with the heads of the gang. When asked if there is anyone else they make note that Vivian is still in the car and two men are sent out to fetch her.

Steven and Devin are made an offer, join the crew or be killed along with those you care about. To prove that their treat holds weight Devin is sent off with one of the bikers (possibly Pikey) who drives him back to the shop. Inside Sullivan has been strung up on one of the car lifts by bits of his flesh with his muscles and organs strung about the shop and a symbol, same as on the card, is drawn in blood is on the ground. Devin breaks down at the loss of his father figure before being forced to return (little hazy on the exact timing)

Outside the men approach the car to get Vivian. She ends up seducing the men into not taking her forcibly inside and to let her see one of their guns. Vivian Kicks in the door and empties the clip into the ceiling. One of the biker members takes notice to this crazed woman’s actions and asks to speak to her in private. In the back room the biker complements Vivian on her cunning and brash actions and deceptively asks about her wants and desires. She admits she wants power and (something). The man then approaches Vivian and bites her neck. Vivian is turned into a Nosferatu Vampire, losing her stunning looks and becomes a hideous yet powerful creature of the night.