Belladonna’s Cupboard Comes Together With White Wolf To Launch Vampire: The Masquerade Themed Makeup Collection

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Beth Amphetamine and Rachel Boese of Belladonna’s Cupboard have come together with White Wolf to launch a new collection of Vampire: the Masquerade themed makeup centered around themes from the new Fifth Edition Launch. The collection features a 30 color eyeshadow palette and seven lipstick shades reflecting each of the clans.

Belladonna’s makeup line is 100% Cruelty Free, Gluten Free, Vegan and Paraben Free and designed for special effects makeup artists and performers to be long wearing for stage and film use but gentle and easy to wash off. They’ve spent years working in haunted houses and on horror films and alongside musicians and burlesque performers to develop and improve their products.

As for Vampire: The Masquerade’s line, here is the write-up featured on their website:

“Featuring a 30 color eyeshadow palette, separated into three full layers, each one themed to appeal to a different sect or group, whether the more neutral shades meant to aid in the Masquerade itself, or rich, deep colours denoting power and status of the Camarilla, to the bold colours that mark an Anarch’s proud defiance. Accompanying this palette are seven lipstick shades, each one bearing the mark of a Clan that might be drawn to use the colour.”

Do you want to know the best part about all of this?
Check out the models they used to display their product.
What do they have?
Vampire teeth.

It’s the little things that really get you.

I think I can validate the Striking Looks merit for my vampire now.

Pre-orders for this collection begin online August 4th, 2018 and shipping will begin early October. For additional information (or to order yours) click here.

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